The Future of Education Lies in Technology

There are many arguments against E-Learning:

  • ELearning is not for everyone. success in courses taken online requires students to demonstrate greater discipline and self-regulation than is asked of them in traditional learning environments.
  • All students benefit from face to face interactions with their educators and peers, and while technology has come a long way, it is not yet able to replace that invaluable face to face time.
  • There are often concerns about the integrity of OSSD credits that are earned online, rather than in a traditional classroom.
  • There are equity issues involving access to reliable high speed internet in rural and small-town Ontario.
  • There are concerns around safety and accountability in an online learning environment

While these concerns are certainly valid, we strongly believe that technology holds the key to a better education. Online learning is relatively new, and will only improve with time. It is our goal to provide the best of online learning to Ontario’s students, building on the good work that is done in traditional classrooms daily.