Credit Policy

The Ontario Online Schools make every effort to keep tuition fees affordable for all students. A lot of time is spent processing each admission request, and an Ontario College Of Teachers registered teacher must be secured for each student’s course duration. For this reason, the OOS does not under any circumstance provide monetary refunds to students beyond the initial seven day, post-registration withdrawal period as outlined below.

Students who have registered for a course they no longer require, may be eligible for a refund or course credit according to the policies below. All requests must be submitted in writing to the OOS.

Course Withdrawal

  1. A student may withdraw from a course in which he or she is enrolled within 7 days of his or her registration date, and receive a monetary refund less a $150.00 admission application processing fee per course.
  2. A student may withdraw from a course in which he or she is enrolled, and apply any remaining course time to an alternative course within six months. A one hundred dollar ($100.00) administrative fee will apply.


Course Extension

Students who do not complete their course(s) in the scheduled period, may apply to extend the duration of their course(s) an extra month. A course extension fee will apply. If a course has expired for more than 7 days, an additional $75 administrative fee is required


Students are responsible for ensuring they have the proper pre-requisites. Students will not be allowed to start a course without the proper pre-requisite.

If a student pays for a course and is not allowed to start the course:

  1. The student may apply for a refund of tuition fees paid less a $150 administrative fee.
  2. The student may apply the full amount of tuition fees paid to another course


School Policies

Any student who does not adhere to the OOS Student Code of Behaviour or School Policies, may be dismissed from his or her course. No tuition refunds or credits shall be issued.

Credit Policies at the OOS may be updated or changed at any time as deemed necessary by the school. Changes to credit policies or prices will be posted on our website for your convenience. Use of school services at the OOS will be deemed acceptance by you, of school credit policies.